What is Sqimplex?

Sqimplex is a visual SQL client made for simple manipulation with SQL data, working with Oracle database platform. Software is primarily focused on users with minimal SQL knowledge, which would like to operate SQL database with ease. Delphi (Object Pascal) programming language was used for its development, in order to demonstrate RAD approach.

Sqimplex was created by Tomáš Mesároš as a final project for the Bachelor study at Faculty of Economic Informatics, University of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Program features

—   Management of SQL tables
—   Management of table columns
—   Management of table rows
—   Management of all constraints
Primary keys, Unique constraints, Check constraints, Foreign keys
—   Management of relations between tables
—   Abilty to run SQL commands from command-line-like interface
—   Reading from database
Featuring cool step-by-step statement builder wizard
—   Management of database system
User administration, Privileges, Passwords, Quotas, Tablespaces
—   Easy data import/export
—   Multilingual user interface
English, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish
—   Live SQL script preview
—   *Oracle Database 12c friendly
By applying supplied patch package

Download installer for Windows


Download source code